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NEW Non Toxic Eco Friendly Large No Loft Tiny Home

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Tiny House on a Trailer

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2022
245 sq ft
No Land

We were building this home for our own family to live in and great care was taken when selecting materials and building. 36' long 8' wide 245 sq ft 13.5' high on wheels at highest point. On a fifth wheel frame, can be towed with truck/gooseneck hitch. Exterior siding is metal with cedar wood. Rainscreen built in between metal and exterior vapor barrier. Solitex Mento 1000 – Exterior vapor open house wrap. Allows moisture to escape wall system. Highly durable in the elements. Havelock sheep's wool insulation: naturally fire resistant and air filtering Intello Plus interior air barrier increases efficiency of the wall system and allows moisture to escape if thermal bridging becomes an issue. Applied with tescon vana and duplex double sided tape to seal membrane. Purebond formaldehyde free plywood Painted with AFM zero VOC safecoat paint. Flooring is marmoleum: natural linoleum is bio-based, highly durable, anti-microbial and easy to maintain. Quiet walk plus flooring underlayment under floor Full bathtub with schluter kerdi waterproof backing. Kaldewei stainless steel (lead free) tub. Kitchen counters and foldable side table are acacia wood. Stainless steel large sink. High ceilings, upper windows let natural light inside. Full standing room in bedroom. Fits king size bed and more. Storage under stairs. All windows and door are lined with waterproofing sealing membrane. Lunos continuous energy recovery ventilation units. The Lunos eGO in the bathroom and the lunos e2 pair, one at each end of the home. Recovers temp so heating unit does not need to work harder. Increases fresh air. 1.5 ton minisplit unit. PEX piping. Outdoor water heater. The plug outlets are all in the kitchen area to reduce emf in bedroom. No wired overhead lighting. We use plug in red lights and overhead battery lights at night. 1k worth of trim materials included. Trim and some exterior additional floor insulation is recommended to finish completely.

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