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Beatrice St Toronto, Ontario
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Listed by Kk math on 01/15/2024

Tiny House on a Trailer

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2022
340 sq ft
No Land

This ingenious design provides a versatile solution for saving space. During the day, the bed can be folded and stored in the cabinet, freeing up valuable floor space for other activities. The bed can be effortlessly pulled down at night, providing a comfortable sleeping area. The Murphy bed is a space-saving marvel, allowing you to optimize your living area without compromising comfort. The Moun home also offers a storage loft space over the bathroom. This additional storage area is perfect for stowing away items not needed daily, such as seasonal clothing, luggage, or other belongings. The loft space allows you to keep your living area clutter-free while still having access to necessary items when needed. In terms of aesthetics, the beautiful West Coast-style exterior adds a touch of charm to the mount home. The design reflects the natural beauty of the surroundings and complements various landscapes. Whether nestled in a forest or situated by a serene lake, the exterior design of this tiny house blends harmoniously with its environment.

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Storage Loft
Sleeping Loft


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