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Little house on the desert prairie

Cochise, Arizona 85606
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1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
300 sq ft
1.17 acres
Built 2021

The old life is still the good life on this one acre tiny homestead. Turn a 360 degree view with nothing but mesquites and mountain ranges, yet drive only 15 minutes to the nearest country town. Wake up with the sunrise over the Chiricahuas and the sound of birdsong, then enjoy a campfire watching the sun go down over the Cochise Stronghold. Gather fresh eggs, milk and produce from your own flock, goat and greenhouse. Collect water off your house roof. Take an outdoor shower with water heated by the sun. Want some modern convenience? Enjoy running water straight from the tap, a washer, a chest freezer, charge your devices, even run power tools all off a small solar system. Cook on a propane stovetop. Feel one with the outdoors even when you’re inside your 300 square foot tiny home complete with solar lights, massive windows and plenty of airflow. in the cooler months, stay warm and cook with a hand made wood fired oven. Enjoy world class rock climbing or awesome hiking only 10 minutes away in the Stronghold. This is a unique property containing many uncycled, recycled and repurposed pieces. It’s foundation is dirt. The floor, made of pallet boards, creaks. The canvas walls are reminiscent of white washed walls. The grey water catchment looks like a dry riverbed. The toilet is a compost toilet system. It’s a simple, natural, functioning homestead. We grow our own food, butcher our own meat, haul our own water and make our own natural medicine. Each day is filled with fresh air, satisfying chores and serene views. Maybe this life sounds appealing to you too? If so, please reach out to us. You won’t find an off grid property, move in ready, for this price anywhere! It’s priced fair and priced to sell. Call, email or text and we’ll get back to you. • We hold the deed to this property. It is off an unmaintained road which is passable year round. About 1/3 of the property is fenced for the included goat herd and chickens. There is no septic, well or address.

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