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Jack's Tiny House Premium

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Tiny House on a Trailer

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2017
200 sq ft
No Land

It was built on top of a brand new 20'x 8' trailer manufactured by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses and and the general structure is designed after their model the "Cypress" while it does have some customized features that their design does not include. It does have a sleeping loft with a 64 square foot area and two sliding windows on either side and a window at the head of the sleeping area that cranks outwards from the bottom. The spiral stairway to the loft doubles as a closet/dresser for clothing. Water is heated with a brand new Ecotemp i12 liquid propane tankless on demand water heater. In order to power the water heater you must be plugged into a power source either a generator or an outlet, a 120v outlet is sufficient. There is up to 35 gallons of water storage possible in the reservoir. This supplies a 32"x 32" shower and the two basin kitchen sink both of which drain directly outdoors with no grey or black water holding tank included in this home. Using this water conservatively it can supply one person with water for about a week. The furnace is a Dickinson Marine Newport P12000 propane fireplace. It is a top of the line super efficient heater that heats the home very quickly. I often run this heater on low through the night and it heats the space nicely if run on high it will get too hot depending on the outside temperature. The stove is a two burner stove top that is inlaid in the kitchen counter top. It is also propane fueled. I use a small simple toaster for any small baking and toasting needs. The mini fridge is powered by the AC power but it has the ability to be attached to an inverter and can run for around 8 hours on fully charged batteries. There is a separate freezer section to this mini fridge.

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