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INTENTIONAL Tiny House - EMF Resistant, Micro Office

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Tiny House on a Trailer

0 beds - 0 baths
For Sale
Built in 2018
60 sq ft
No Land

Electro Magnetic Frequency RADIATION RESISTANT, INTENTIONAL Micro Home, Backyard Office, or Millennial Suite. SIZE: 6' x 10' x ~11.6' H (Best suited for a permanent location) -Roof framing is attached with code-compliant hurricane ties so it can live in hurricane zones safely (Use anchors) - Full Roof Skylight made of UV protected, double wall poly carbonate greenhouse panels - 1/4" thick. The natural light of the daytime (even on overcast days) completely alleviates the need for lighting inside the home. - Self/Sun powered solar ventilation + Intake on opposite wall (solar panel & battery built into vent) - Ceramic powdered insulation (R5) mixed into house primer so Its very cozy even in the cold (I intended to use the wall framing for storage shelves. Additional insulation not needed in most climates but can be added - home built in PA) - Electro-magnetic frequency radiation resistant home- Shungite (an electromagnetic frequency absorbing stone) powder was mixed into the first coat of paint. Cell phones and electronics still work inside. - Positive intentions were spoken into & written on the unseen sides of the wood throughout the build of this tiny home. Intentions include LOVE, PEACE,TRUTH, STRENGTH, & HAPPINESS as well as hearts drawn every 3-6 inches around the entire floor perimeter beneath the wall framing. If you are familiar with the work of Dr Masaru Emoto, you will understand why this was done.

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