INTENTIONAL Tiny House - EMF Resistant Micro Office with Full Roof Skylight

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Cash Only
For Sale
Tiny House on a Trailer
60 sq ft
0 beds
0 baths
No Land
Built 2019

SIZE: 6' x 10' x ~11.6' H (NOT SOLD WITH OR ATTACHED TO ITS UTILITY TRAILER) Best suited for a permanent location as it may be too top heavy for ongoing travel. - Full Roof Skylight made of UV protected, double wall poly carbonate greenhouse panels - 1/4" thick. The natural light of the daytime (even on overcast days) completely alleviates the need for lighting inside the home. - Self/Sun powered solar ventilation + Intake on opposite wall (solar panel & battery built into vent) - Ceramic powdered insulation (R5) mixed into house primer, so it is cozy. - Electro-magnetic frequency radiation resistant home- Shungite powder was mixed into the first coat of paint. Cell phones and electronics still work inside while excess harmful radiation is blocked. - Positive intentions were spoken into & written on the unseen sides of the wood throughout the build of this tiny home. Intentions include LOVE, PEACE,TRUTH, STRENGTH, & HAPPINESS - Interior is completely sanded and ready for stain/sealant if you are also fond of the all-wood interior look & using the walls as storage shelving (Soy-based Natural Kote stain with sealing agent is recommended so the interior remains VOC free) - A 2-person, 500lb, rope hammock for the loft, a solar panel, & wind turbine are included in the sale price. SHIPPING: This home is not attached to (or sold with) the trailer it was built on because there's a chance it could be too top heavy for use as a mobile house. Hire a professional company with insurances for transporting this home to your lot. You are transporting it at your own risk. There are six 10"-12" eye bolts secured through the house framing where the roof sections meet the top of the 8' side walls. These are secure strap down locations for the home. See more at:

Features Include: Sleeping Loft, Skylights, and Off-Grid


Listed by <3 tinyLIVING on 08/26/2020
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