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Humble House | Rustic 20ft Tiny Home!

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Tiny House on a Trailer

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2019
230 sq ft
No Land

Built with every space accounted for by an expert craftsman and engineer, this tiny home is meant to be filled with memories! The rustic exterior features western red cedar siding and trim, requiring virtually no maintenance. Coupled with the fine trim and a sturdy red metal roof, this home will stand the test of time. Feel at home inside with the warm tones of Douglas fir and cedar featured in the construction of the loft and walls. 20ft in length, the main floor is 160 sq. ft. and the loft provides an additional 70 sq. ft. Heating is provided by a Cubic wood stove and the loft area has three windows that open and provide ample cross ventilation. Well insulated, with 5” of foam in the floor, 3” of foam in the ceiling and 3 1/2” of dense pack cellulose in the walls. This insulation also helps it to keep cool in the summer. The bathroom is entered by a custom made Japanese style “Soshi” pocket door, affording privacy yet allowing ambient light to enter. A full shower is coupled with a powerful fan to vent steam outside, and a small hand sink and a Natures Head composting toilet. The kitchen includes a deep stainless steel sink and designer Kohler faucet chosen to maximizing functionality, 3 burner propane stove with oven, microwave oven, and medium sized refrigerator with separate freezer. There is plenty of wall space to customize storage and dish draining options. The “garage” is a utility area built onto the tongue of the trailer which contains the propane tank, electric hot water heater, and electric breakers. On the outside are the 50Amp RV service and water connection, along with an external faucet and GFI protected covered outlet (nice for washing your car and outside electric needs).

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Sleeping Loft
Wood Stove