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Farmhouse home with loft and ground floor bedroom Pro

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Financing Available

Tiny House on a Trailer

2 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2022
300 sq ft
No Land

This tiny home is built by Atomic homes, designed by Liv-Connected and sold by Endeavor. Based in Elizabethtown PA it can be moved anywhere in the US you would like! Our design finishes and models come in various sizes and trailer designs. Customizable and built to withstand any adventures imaginable, The Atomic homes are sure to not only present durable and transportable housing, but also exude elegance, impeccable attention to detail and craftsmanship. Whether you need a first floor bedroom only, an open workspace, or a downstairs and loft sleeping option- you as the owner have a canvas in which a tiny home can be built to suit your lifestyle. Our layouts provide space for full height amenities, updated appliances, ample storage, and segmented living spaces including a full bathroom, living area, and kitchen. Trailer Sizes extend to 40”(or 48” gooseneck homes) Each Atomic Home is inspected and certified for the highest standards of quality and safety. The proprietary building style allows each home to be insured at true value and financed at traditional mortgage rates over up to 25 years- providing peace of mind and flexibility. Homes have a standard R23 value in the ceiling, walls and floors so no need to worry about freezing or structural issues in these builds! Don’t forget- homes come with a 24/7 number for service if you need anything after purchase so this tiny home journey is hassle free. This home has a retreat for downstairs sleeping space while also having a loft for added sleeping, storage or retreat space. The steps double as a storage space for a vented or ventless washer dryer combo unit for all of you daily living needs. The kitchen comes standard with a propane cooktop and oven and the bathroom provides a standard flush toilet, sink and shower. In the bedroom you will find double closets and overhead storage to ensure you have plenty of space to put all of your clothes and belongings. Standard financing available!

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