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Escape Traveler XL with Solar Panels and Batteries Premium

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Tiny House on a Trailer

2 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2018
344 sq ft
No Land

2018 Escape Traveler XL in good but lived in condition. Has the following: - 4.3kW solar panel system with 2 300 Ah batteries - King size bed (upgrade) - New 55" curved Saumung HDTV - New 12000 BTU C&H mini split air conditioner (heating and cooling) - New futton - New kitchen table - New fridge - Water filtration system - Washing machine - full size washroom (shower/bathtub) - electric jack - Propane stove - Propane furnace - On-demand (propane) water heater - $400 dual flap dog door with security panel which can be used outside (while driving) or inside (for security) (manufacturer estimates that it adds $7/year to heating/cooling) The solar system on a sunny day generates about 2.5kW of power. The A/C system draws about 600 W so in theory you could run two or three air conditioners off the power (not necessary but it gives you an idea). The batteries charge fully and the stored power is more than enough to run the fridge, propane furnace, TV, and computers throughout the night (electric heat on batteries is not practical). On a gray cloudy day the solar system gets enough power to run the house and charge the batteries almost fully. The only challenge is when it is heavily overcast or their is snow on the roof. You can of course plug the grid into the system as a backup. Beautiful spacious tiny house. I bought myself a smaller version from Escape recently and now I want to sell this one.

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