Escape Traveler Vista

Escape Traveler Rice Lake, WI
For Sale
Tiny House on a Trailer
175 sq ft
1 beds
1 baths
No Land
Built 2018

This beautiful Escape Traveler Vista model is two years old and has only been used 6 times. I love this tiny house so much, but due to a change in circumstances, I need to let it go. It's a gorgeous space, and it overwintered in Minnesota without any problems. It's snug and cozy even when it's really cold, and has several different options for heating. It also has AC for the summer. The house is custom-built on a custom-built trailer, and is certified as an RV, which means it has all the necessary safety features for towing and living. It has a queen-sized bed and a large water storage tank under the bed. There is a full-size fridge and a full-size bathroom with a composting toilet. The toilet can easily be switched to a regular toilet if you prefer that. This Tiny House includes $10,600 worth of extras over the list price. The price is what I owe on it.

Features Include: Certified


Listed by Aszani on 03/30/2019
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