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Deluxe Custom Wooden Camper: A True Land Yacht

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0 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2010
112 sq ft
No Land

This camper is truly one of a kind. Please click the following link to watch a comprehensive video feature of camper: Introducing “The House Seven Rivers”. An apt name by the talented owner and master craftsman who built this as a labor of love. Nothing of this sort could conceivably be reconstructed by any factory today. Thousands of hours of meticulous and painstaking labor were put into this rolling work of art. No detail was spared. Everything from the hand-crafted stained glass and louver frames to the fine inlaid woods carefully sourced and collected from around the world. Every consideration imaginable was poured into the design of this camper. In fact it’s so unique that The Travel Channel chose to feature the camper in one of their previous season episodes. SOME DESIGN NOTES FROM THE BUILDER: Smaller is better for maneuverability--both in the forest and in town. 14 feet by 8 feet provides for a bathroom, an ample sized closet, a double bed (over the cab) and a single bed, and overall roominess.     One thing avoided was folding things up or down to convert to some other use—tables to beds and so forth. This detracts from living in what is a beautiful mountain cabin built with yacht quality workmanship.    DIMENSIONS / SPECIFICATIONS: Floor: 8’ X 14’  //  Roof:  8’ X 19’ 7”  // Overall length with truck: 25’ 10” Height (on Truck): Center Roof: 11’ //  Chimney Cap: 11’ 2”  //  At Sides: 10’ 6” ****The weight of Camper unit itself is 4,500 lbs (and the heavy-duty truck it sits on is rated to carry nearly double that weight at 8,800 lbs.)**** In the front of the camper, the cab-overhang is the loft bed. The bed’s dimensions are 4’ 7” X 6’ 5”. **PRICING— Camper (alone): $95,000 Camper (with truck): Negotiable Serious inquiries only please. Email:

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