Custom tiny home build on Ford turbo diesel

Platte River Dr , Colorado 80440
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Converted Vehicle

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
175 sq ft
No Land
Built 2020

This is a custom tiny home built on a 1992 Ford F 600 with a 6.6L turbo diesel. I did all the work myself and lived in this space for over a year. You have the ability to be on or off the grid. With a propane instant water heater, a DC water pump and a solar panel with batteries to back it up. There is a 110 gallon for fresh water,, 40 gallon for Grey and black water.The refrigerator is a 3 way and you won't be cold with the cubic mini wood stove. I added a loft to increase head room for sleeping with a queen size bed and built ins at your feet. It is a cozy space and if your looking for a tiny home that's easy to pick up and move with this is a good pick. I just want to say, this is a slow moving truck that has a manual transmission. It has all the power in the world and ability to tow, but it will not go faster than 60mph. If looking to get places fast it's not for you. $30,000 or best offer

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Sleeping Loft
Wood Stove


Listed by Calebthorpe on 05/18/2022


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