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Florida Tiny House Builders - Brian McDaniel is a Scammer

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Tiny House on a Trailer

0 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2018
230 sq ft
No Land

****************************** A public service announcement from Dan Louche, the owner of Tiny Home Builders. I want to advise you to be careful with any business dealings involving Brian McDaniel or his company, Florida Tiny House Builders. We sold him a trailer for a tiny house and he paid for it with a bad check. After multiple promises to pay his bill, he ended up just writing us another bad check and then stopped communicating with us. There are many reputable tiny house builders out there that I can suggest, Brian and his company Florida Tiny House Builders is simply not one of them. Brian McDaniel is a thief and a scammer. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Since posting this, we have been contacted by several individuals who unfortunately have been taken advantage of by Brian. Please don't be one more of them! ****************************** Rare old growth wood, custom craftsmen tiny house on wheels. Guest House. Airbnb rental $150 night. Hunting cabin etc! Features and finishes can still be customized on this house for the new owner. $49,900 OBO complete: FYI-High-end components of this tiny house: -Impact glass windows $5000 -Velux remote control skylights $3600 -Liebherr refrigerator $3000 -Organic sheep's wool insulation $1000 -Custom trailer with removable tongue $4000 -Pecky Cypress doors $3500 -Removable copper gutters $2500 Before any other labor, materials etc... :) $22,600 Brian McDaniel

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