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Custom Camper - Tiny House - Cargo Trailer

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Tiny House on a Trailer

0 beds - 0.5 baths
For Sale
Built in 2021
160 sq ft
No Land

Trailer: 2020 Interstate LoadRunner - 20’ Long x 8.5’ Wide x 8’ Interior Height VALUE Here’s how I am calculating it. Let me know if this seems reasonable to you. Trailer = $12,000 new from factory (Interstate Trailer, 20’ x 8.5’, special tall ceiling) Materials of-note (ones where I listed a value below) = $6460 Lumber + Metal = ~$1500 Estimated Labor = $10,000 - 15,000 Approximate Total Value = $35,000 SALE PRICE = $19,950 Hello outdoor nuts one and all, I am selling my special custom camper / trailer. Though there is more work I wanted to do on it, it is ready-to-use today for many applications. I myself have lived in it for short stints and done a 2 month road trip in winter chasing IKON ski resorts in sub-zero temps. The trailer can serve as a: Travel Trailer RV Tiny House Storage Trailer Car Carrier Motorcycle Carrier Snowmobile Carrier Please note, the living room furniture pictured and artwork is my own and not included. The living room floor plan is currently a completely open space with pine and insulated floor, to do with as you please, 8’ wide inside x ~13 feet long. You may keep the kitchen storage drawers. There is nothing more lovely than opening up an entire wall of your camper (rear barn doors) to see the beach or the mountains. It has a more spacious living area than any camper on the market without slides. I chose warm lighting and ALL-NATURAL materials to create a cozy rustic feel. (No off-gassing of toxic chemicals like most RVs do!) _____________ MY FULL DESCRIPTION DOES NOT FIT HERE (2000 character limit). PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR A COMPLETE DESCRIPTION. Thank you

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