Coyote - Tiny house seen on "Grace and Frankie"

El Segundo, California 90245
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Tiny House on a Trailer

0 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
140 sq ft
No Land
Built 2016

Tiny house shell constructed on a 20 x 8 ft. trailer. It was written into the Netflix show, “Grace and Frankie”, and served as the home of Coyote Bergstein and appeared in several episodes. Almost everything has been hand crafted and purpose built. Interior was designed by the show’s production designer who went for a rustic look and used the best hardwoods available. The main loft holds a queen size memory foam bed that is still in its original plastic. There is a smaller loft at the rear of the house that can be used for added storage or as a child sleeping area. Painted sky canvases on ceiling. The sofa folds out to make a twin bed suitable for two guests with 3 drawers underneath. The dining table folds flat against the wall and conceals a fold out bench. There is a desk with drawers and cubby holes at the rear of the house, next to the front door. The bathroom by its very nature is tiny! The wash basin in the bathroom is a folding stainless steel basin big enough to wash your hands and face, but folds to the wall. The toilet is a “Natures Head” self composting toilet that is not plumbed, but if the house is going to be in one place, it can be plumbed into a sewer line. Copper sheathed and verdigris finished shower, with a stainless steel floor pan. Everything is wired and plumbed to code. All the appliances, such as the kitchen sink are plumbed and terminate in a standard RV connector with a shut off gate. A “gray water” pipe allows “clean” water to run into the ground without a sewer pipe. The water heater, the stove and the gas heater are run by propane, which have holding storage at the front of the house. The insulation is superb: a double vented roof, thermal sheep wool insulation that contains lanolin which discourages parasites/infestations, and a metallic foil film below. Result: remains cool on hot days and conserves heat in the cold. Cork floors that feel warm in the cold. Weather protected porch with clear zippered high grade plastic sheet.

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Storage Loft
Sleeping Loft
Covered Porch


Listed by Coyote'sTinyHouse on 04/15/2022


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