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Clean, modern, renovated RV with loads of natural light.

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Converted Vehicle

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2020
225 sq ft
No Land

I'll be concise due to the 2000 character cap (why cap a description?), but I'd be happy to share more details with anyone interested. The house is built from a 1994 RV with an immortal chevy bus engine with only 23,000 miles. Runs great and ready to take you anywhere you want to go. The house has a built in generator, so you can provide your own power. Extensive renovations have been made to modernize and enlighten the interior, and the exterior is a subtle, weather resistant matte green. There are a few areas that need touching up, little things I never got around to doing, but it is still fully livable as-is. One note: I just placed the vehicle side of the house on Planned Non-Op a few months ago, because we weren't planning on driving it any time too, but it passed SMOG emissions testing with flying colors in 2021. Highlights * Renovated, modified for modern living. * Lots of open Space * Brand new tires * Low Mileage * Runs Well * Passed Smog in 2021 * Clean Title * No Smoking * No Pets * Newish Toilet * Custom Shower Base * No Leaks * Built in Propane Tank * Tons of storage * Clean Black and Grey tanks, no blockages Might need some work *The oven has issues some times *The Stovetop starter doesn't work *The water heater can be finicky *Some of the overhead lights don't always turn on. *There are a few gaps in the wood flooring (extra wood flooring is included if you'd like to fill those gaps) *There are some spots that need repainting ( extra paint is included) Included in Sale * Extra propane tanks * TV, entertainment center. * Jacks & Stablizers * Fresh, unused Sewage Hose * Extra paint, waterproof membrane and tubes of sealant. * UPS power backup * Oscillating Fan & Heater * Coleman Propane Grill * Mini Charcoal Grill * Sewage Hose mount * 2 Hammocks * Dehumidifier * Lots more handy accessories

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