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Brand New Tiny House Pro-Built With Loft and Electricity 8L x 10W x 13.6H

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Tiny House Shell on a Foundation

1 beds - 0 baths
For Sale
Built in 2021
100 sq ft
No Land

A Brand New Tiny House Professionally built to last... Made of mostly Pine, with Cedar Shakes on top... flooring has Durastrand Subflooring 3/4" OSB Subflooring for extra weather / moisture protection with a Metal Roof. Three Windows Hutch Door... Has three options. 1. Opens as one door 2. opens as a half top door. 3. opens as a half bottom door. Has electricity wired in with a heavy duty long outdoor plug ready to hook in. Ready for it's owner to come pick up... It was built to be moveable (moveable foundation)… It can be what you want it to be... even a small little place to rent for making some extra cash and paying itself back over and over and over again and again... Unfortunately we do not deliver. This is a one time listing as we will not be building these anymore. You have to work the delivery out yourself, We ask that you must have insurance for moving it (because if anyone gets hurt on our property while moving it, we cannot be responsible) It is fairly small so it should be very easy to lay on its side and have it moved to any location. Given its small size, the weight won't be an issue since it's made of light weight and strong materials like natural Pine / Cedar. Any Questions feel free to send us an email: Price is firm $7999 cash only

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