Reduced!! Beautiful Box Truck Tiny Home!! Premium

7850 Dutch Bethel Road Freedom, Indiana 47431
For Sale
Converted Vehicle
95 sq ft
0 beds
1 baths
No Land
Built 2020

Find your freedom and taxless independence with this beautifully built tiny home! Able to take you anywhere on earth your mind can imagine, this home will give you the freedom you crave and the solitude you need, WHENEVER you need it! Features and details: Steps to the lift gate, Inside, two couches pull together to make a comfy, relaxing spot for a solid nights rest or a quick afternoon siesta, with plenty of storage underneath the couches. Behind the left couch is a wall mural of the Italian alps, behind the right couch is a brick paneling wall, lending a cozy tea sipping atmosphere to the ‘living room’ To the left on the rear bathroom wall is a cherry fold down slab that serves as a desk/dinner table. To the right is the kitchen, a stunning solid walnut slab counter top gives way to a stainless steel sink, provided with gravity flow water from a tank in the very front right corner closet, which also serves as storage and contains a closet pole for hanging clothes. In the front left corner is the wetroom/bathroom. 8 square feet designed for showering, or using a compost toilet. Put in a separate room for moisture and odor control. There will be a Coleman portable water heating system available that comes with the truck if desired. On the very front wall is a small storage space on top, and a larger door for access into the cab on the floor level. The power source in the box of the truck at this time is only run from the wiring at the front, but this is a very ideal setup if a person wanted to install solar on the roof and go 100% off grid! The engine is a 2009 Ford E450, with 170k miles on it. Runs like a top! Also just put $1800 into the front end to replace the tie rods and put two brand new tires on. The rear tires are basically new as well. I welcome your calls! Feel free to call or text and chat! I’m passionate about tiny homes! Call or text! 1-812-821-4445


Listed by Mervin Yoder on 04/04/2020
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