Architectural Tiny Home - All Natural Light and Wood

Denver, Colorado 80138
For Sale
Tiny House on a Trailer
240 sq ft
1 beds
1 baths
No Land
Built 2019

Meet the architectural tiny home. This museum-inspired build uses real wood to bring a natural look and feel to the home, including oak, pine and cedar throughout. The home was made to feel expansive, with tall ceilings, a bedroom that includes a built-in closet, and large exterior windows and sliding glass doors to take advantage of our beautiful state. Rather than feeling cramped, we wanted this tiny home to include modern features like a standard size bathroom and bedroom. For this reason, you'll find the shower made of sealed Alder wood, including a small window. A vintage mid-century modern medicine cabinet gives a finishing touch to this bathroom you'll find yourself spending hours in. Some other house features include: - exterior and interior walls and floors made of North American spruce - Oak sealed kitchen countertops - Pine wood cabinets - A new washer/dryer unit - A propane water heater - A new refrigerator - Gas range stove - Exterior deck with sliding glass doors Some other house specs: - Porcelain gravity discharge toilet - Propane heater - 15-30 amp extension cord electrical supply - An outlet to an existing sewage or septic tank This tiny home is perfect to place on an existing plot of land as a main home or a vacation home in the mountains. The home was all hand-made by a local general contractor with over 35 years of experience, and we're looking for someone to inherit this piece for years to come.

Features Include: Laundry, and Deck


Listed by Henze Construction on 03/17/2020
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