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8x12 Tiny House, Man Cave, Deer Hunting House

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Container Home

0 beds - 0 baths
For Sale
Built in 2018
100 sq ft
No Land

$9000 obo or $5000 Local Tiny 8x12 house or insinuated man cave, work shop, insulated shed if buying out of state the asking price is $9000 obo to account for gas and turnpike fees Specs - 30 Amp Hookup ( 20 amp breaker and 15 Amp Breaker) the whole house is wired with 12 gauge, will include a spare amp breaker, the 20 amp line is fitted with 20 amp receptacles and the amp line is fitted with 15 amp receptacles - has a 30 amp hookup box outside of the unit that is lockable - Insulated and with Sheetrock with Base coat of white paint - Cold water Intake with Drain - Sink - free microwave - free electric hotplate - Work Bench or counter - can include a window fan or portable ac unit - Ac Unit - will include a space heater - includes carpet with no padding can install, - the unit has one outside outlet tied to the 20 amp line (please note this is meant for power to the front light of the house and the antenna power or satellite power - two coaxial outlets the one on top of the house is for satellite or over-the-air TV, the one on back is meant for WiFi or cable, if not using satellite Will Deliver for free if paying at or near asking price - from the outside the left door is bolted to the frame of the house for added security, i was planning on replacing the current door handle with something else like a deadbolt or something similar if going to live inside the house so someone can't lock you inside - Note this house is 98% complete some light mudding work and a paint color of your choice, this was made in mind for functionality not necessarily for looks on the outside - will include patio bricks to lay the tiny house on to prevent deterioration from under the house - also for bathroom liquid waste goes down the sink will include a bottle of bleach, and solid waste 5 gallon bucket with cat litter can be included if living off the grid

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