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8.5’x26’ Tiny House on Wheels for sale (soon)

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Tiny House on a Trailer

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2016
220 sq ft
No Land

This is our Tiny House on Wheels. It's currently a built in part of our not-quite-so-tiny home but will be back on its wheels and ready for its next adventure this summer. It is 26 feet long and about 230 square feet, not counting the sleeping loft. With custom redwood cabinets filling a galley kitchen and multifunction dining/living area with gobs of storage, a custom tile shower enclosure, and many thoughtful homey touches, it is nearly ready to be a wonderful home for one (or for two, if they really love each other). There is a sleeping loft with ensuite meditation nook/reading cozy. Sustainable cork floors throughout create a warm and cozy barefoot experience. It will need a little TLC to reach its full potential and be travel ready. As it is currently part of a ‘permanent’ structure, once removed it will not have any water supply etc. The electrical system within the tiny house is mostly stand-alone but will need its own breaker panel re-installed (panel included, but not currently hooked up). The roof will also need some tending to, as ice dams in the winter lead to some leaks in the walls and around the skylights. It may need a new roof, some new windows, and possibly some work in one wall. The skylights will likely need to be replaced as they collect a lot of condensation and experience some ice dam issues as well. We have loved our tiny home and we hope to send it along to someone who will take it on happy adventures or plant it down on their land to be a cozy home, summer cabin, or guest house. It is designed to be road legal without any special permits, so it can be transported easily to its next home.

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Sleeping Loft
Wood Stove