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350 sf Expandable 2BR 1BA Insulated House

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Financing Available

Container Home

2 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2021
350 sq ft
No Land

• Internal and external walls are made from light weight steel. The walls are easily washed (hosed) on the outside and wiped down on the inside. • Highly insulated from outside heat and cold. Well insulated to retain inside heating and cooling. • Well-sealed to prevent dust ingress. • Fire resistant – The walls and roof are made from steel sheets with a non-flammable internal core. The floor is made from MGO board and the structure is made from galvanized steel. • It’s possible to re-locate the house with little fuss. Just disconnect services, remove the kitchen cabinets and partition walls then fold it up and crane onto a truck. • Thermal: Great thermal properties with the Styrofoam walls and roofing. When an air-conditioner is used, the heat or cooling is well retained keeping power bills low. • Fully termite proof: an all steel structure, with floor beams and joists being galvanized steel, All walls are made from sandwich panels which have a thin sheet metal outer and inner layer and a Styrofoam inner core. Flooring structure is MGO board. • Rodent and pest resistant: Walls, floor and roof do not have a cavity, all but eliminating pest habitats. • High quality floating floor provided for lying over the top of the structural floor.

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