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32' x 12' Brand New Tiny Home

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Tiny House Shell on a Foundation

0 beds - 0 baths
For Sale
Built in 2022
336 sq ft
No Land

I have a tiny home for sale that is brand new. Life changed and my work is moving me to a new state. The Tiny Home/ Shed / Office / Barn was ordered and couldn't be canceled, so here it is, brand new and needing a new owner! It's not even 1 month old. It's 32' long with a 4' porch (28' inside) and it's 12' wide. I have new windows in it, there are 3 factory windows and I have 3 more I wanted to put in. I also have it half insulated with all of the insulation to finish it (and extra) that comes with it. There is also a bunch of 2x4's to frame a wall. There is a new roll of wiring that comes with it and outlets. It is on skids, no solid foundation. I was ready to finish this into my office and everything changed. I am asking $21,000 cash for it (it's what I owe). I do not know who to talk to about moving it, you would need to google shed movers in Spokane. It's located in Davenport which is almost an hour west of Spokane on hwy 2.

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