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28 Foot Tiny House For Sale

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Tiny House on a Trailer

2 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2018
350 sq ft
No Land

This Tiny House was recently featured at the Tiny House Showcase in Orem Utah. It was shown to several public officials to help inform and advance the Tiny House Movement. We had hundreds of compliments and many people came back to see it again and again. It was also featured on a local news station. We are excited that this Tiny House has had such an impact on our community and is now available for purchase. It is 28 feet long, 350 sq feet with the lofts Framecad steel framing for superior strength and weight savings. Framing and trailer bed are sprayed with closed cell spray foam to increase rigidity and make an air tight, very well insulated tiny home. It is so quiet and peaceful inside, even next to busy traffic. Listed below are some more of its fantastic features; Mini split HVAC system that heats and cools very well and is incredibly quiet. Full size bathroom with full size (5 foot) tub and shower combo Tankless water heater Washer and Dryer Large closet Maple butcher block countertop Dishwasher Mini Fridge Normal sized steps (each rise is only 9") 2 large lofts big enough for a queen size bed (you can fit a king if you really wanted to) great living space bar overhang for use as a table or desk large windows including egress (fire escape) windows in the lofts LED lighting ceiling fan board and batten siding shiplap interior cladding R Values Walls R21+ Ceiling R28+ Trailer bed R14+ the trailer is a tiny house specific trailer built to be extremely strong and rigid to minimize flex, this is a tiny house foundation first and a trailer second. it has brakes on all 3 axles making stopping much easier, it tows fantastic, stays straight and is lighter than you would expect. Please contact Jeremy if interested or you have questions 801-360-4478

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