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26' Tiny Home on Trailer (Road Legal) Premium

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Tiny House on a Trailer

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2019
208 sq ft
No Land

This tiny house is not your typical hobby enthusiast backyard project. I have been a licensed contractor for over 10 years. I have built many new homes and completed many, many other projects. I’ve toured a handful of companies in Idaho and Oregon who build these tiny homes as well as an Expo in Portland where I rubbed shoulders with many leaders in the tiny home industry. Every aspect of this build was done personally by me with the occasional assistance from professionals in electrical, plumbing and, HVAC. This Tiny house was built to include most of the features of a typical home while keeping “low maintenance” as a BIG priority. So you can count on many years of hassle free use. The house is built on a 26’ x 8’ 14,000 pound trailer. Completed trailer weighs about 11,500 pounds and is 13’3” tall. The frame has wielded anchor bolts which fasten the house to the trailer. Everything in the house is powered from a 50amp RV style plug with the exception of the cooktop which uses propane. There is also a quick connect propane line on the outside of the home for outdoor use. Water and sewer lines hook up RV style. There are no holding tanks. Built to be pulled onsite and hooked up. Heated and cooled with a pioneer mini split system that is super-efficient. Included is a small aluminum deck with stairs and a railing. They are lightweight and adjustable to accommodate different heights and terrain and can be easily taken down and placed inside while changing locations. Please review the pictures illustrating the entire build. Insulation R-Values are as follows: ceiling-R23, walls-R13, floor-R18. The entire house is wrapped with perforated radiant barrier and is rated to function with the corrugated metal exterior. (It’s the energy equivalent of being parked under a shade tree on a hot summer day) All appliances are included in the sale. Check out the video tour: Build Video:

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