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24' X 8' Beach house on the beach $36,800 USD

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Container Home

0 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2018
190 sq ft
0.25 acres

This tiny home was made from a shipping container. It sits on a great long white sand beach in the ex-pat famous upscale town of Savusavu Fiji. A day's flight from LAX. The house is finished but not furnished. The cost of the beach site rental is $220 USD per month and that includes water, refuse collection, common road and grounds maintenance, beach cleaning and general assistance. The area is quite spectacular and labor is $2 per hour for all kinds of help from the locals looking for odd jobs. You will never have to lift another thing or even cook again if you don't want to. The taxi to town 7km away is just $4 USD so you don't even need a car if you don't want one. You can grow food on the property. Each beach lot is about 1/4 acre at this location. The beach is reef protected with a barrier reef over one mile out that reduces the big waves to small or nothing size and keeps the big fish out in the ocean. Life is good, healthcare is free, retirees are welcome as residents. To become a resident buying this beach house qualifies you for the minimum investment when you bring another $15,000 USD to put in the bank. So, buy this house and begin to live in the freshest air on the planet and the most beautiful, healthy environment in the uncrowded Southern Hemisphere, "south of the equator, which means if there’s nuclear war in the northern hemisphere, we will be minimally impacted by fallout, since the southern hemisphere has an independent weather system from the northern hemisphere." As quoted by one expert in the science. Now there's an incentive. :-)

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