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24 ft Shipping container turned into tiny house Premium

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Container Home

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2020
192 sq ft
No Land

24 ft shipping container turned into comfortable tiny home. Perfect unit to rent or locate to a remote area to escape. This small unit was designed to mostly have standard features of a normal sized home while being small enough to fit on the side of a house or back of a property. My original intention for this unit was to keep it for myself. Due to personal circumstances I cannot. This tiny home that was built for personal quality not to maximize profit. I have insulated this home with both spray foam and rock wool, I stacked the existing roof with Ridgid insulation and added a little roof overhang as well. My goal was to make this unit as sound proof and climate tolerant as possible. I am confident this unit would do well in both desert heat and mountain cold. I wanted a unit that did not reduce the needs of most peoples day too day life. It can accommodate a full sized refrigerator/freezer and a normal sized microwave. The kitchen sink and bathroom vanity w/medicine cabinet are standard sizes as well the is shower 32 x32 and standard 10 inch toilet. The stove is a 20 inch and is gas with a hood vent. I added pocket doors for privacy in both the toilet/shower area and the bedroom. The house has recessed lighting, a full clothing cabinet system with clothes hangers, a fan in the bathroom and a tiled shower. Another added feature is for the pantry shelves and spice rack slide in and out for easy access and more storage. The entrance are French doors that swing outward. My intention was to build a deck off the front of the home with am awning or pergola. This would provide the ability to open both doors and create more living space particularly for eating and hanging out. The home comes equipped with a small but properly sized mini split AC unit with heat pump. The exterior has lights and extra connections for added motion sensors. I used the cut outs from the windows to make window covers. This can be a great home for someone!

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