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24-ft Custom Tiny Home on Wheels Premium

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Tiny House on a Trailer

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2016
255 sq ft
No Land

Highlights: - Custom design - 24-ft trailer built specifically for tiny homes, purchased new from Tiny Home Builders in 2016 - 255 sq ft (main floor + bedroom loft + storage loft) - All handmade cabinetry - Lots of windows for natural lighting - Tons of storage space - Large kitchen sink - Pull-out pantry - Fold-up couch and table - Spacious bathroom with wardrobe built in - Shower w/ tub - Closed cell spray foam insulation (roof: 3” R-value of 19.5, walls: 2 ½” R-value of 16), rigid foam in floor - Propane stove for heat - On-demand water heater - 3-burner range w/ oven - 115 volt, 30-amp hook-up Appliances: - Hampton H15 propane heating stove - Dickenson Mediterranean 3-burner galley range - EZ Deluxe gas-fired tankless water heater - Avanti refrigerator - The C-head toilet keeps things simple, but there’s enough space to plumb in a flush toilet. Ceiling height: - Below bedroom loft: 6’3” - Below storage loft: 7’ 1 ¾” - In bedroom loft: 46 ½” (at the peak) We built this custom tiny house in 2016 and lived in it full-time for about four years. A lot of planning and forethought went into the designing and building process. Solid construction and craftsmanship. All the cabinetry and the kitchen countertop were built by hand. No corners were cut in building this tiny home. The closed-cell foam keeps it extremely well insulated, and the propane heater stove keeps it toasty in the winter! There’s plenty of storage. It comes with a 50-ft 30-amp cord, a heated water hose, jack stands, stairs, and a queen-size bed. We’ve since bought some property with a house. I’ve been using the tiny house primarily as an office for the last few years. Please message me for additional questions and/or to arrange a phone call to talk more in-depth about the tiny house. I will respond only to what appear to be serious inquiries. $93,500 OBO. Financing not available.

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