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14 Foot Titan Stealth Trailer with room for 4!

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Tiny House on a Trailer

0 beds - 0.5 baths
For Sale
Built in 2021
98 sq ft
No Land

The trailer is equipped with just over 1000 watts of solar panels hooked up with a Growatt and two 100 amp hour 24 volt lithium batteries. There is a composting toilet with urine diverter. The kitchen includes a foot pump sink and mini fridge that fits perfectly in the space under the counter. There is also a pull out pantry in the middle. The table is designed for sitting on the floor with cushions. It folds up to secure the shelves it covers for travel and to make some floor space. There is a portable heat pump/air conditioner. The bunk beds are designed for the Ikea full size slats and mattresses. There are 6 storage bins and space underneath the bed for 10 shallow storage totes. Our family of 4 (kids 14 and 5) lived quite comfortably in this trailer for a year before buying our house. The trailer works well for stealth camping if needed. It does have one window on the entrance door so you can see outside before opening the door. The back doors are cargo doors. They open out to each side and have a handy latch to keep them open. The entire back is screened in. When the doors are open it feels like the who outside is part of your home. It also makes for some great views while you lounge in bed. We are including an Anderson weight distribution hitch and spare tire.

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