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100 sq ft Tiny House Insulated Steel 6" Walls Kit Home


Tiny House on a Foundation

0 beds - 0.5 baths
For Sale
Built in 2020
100 sq ft
No Land

100 sq. ft. ,10ft H Tiny House Insulated Steel 6' Walls Kit Home. We can provide floor plans and instructions for install. Exterior roof, walls and openings. Condition is "Used". We used this a model home for our company. The wall system is in great shape and can be assemble very easily. Shipped with transportation truck. I can provide a estimate quote for transport. Multi-Story - Cold formed steel is utilized nationally in mid-rise development for its structural capabilities, often times without the need of additional steel or concrete supports. Utilizing structural GPS injected and molded into the wall cavity, the encased studs have little to no opportunity to deform under normal stress, providing even a a greater safety factor. Facade - A wall is the sum of it’s parts, so why bifurcate the engineering and construction process? Walls optimizes the material selection and installation process to ensure the long-term performance of each and every wall design. Strength-to-Weight Ratio- Wally’s UltraFrame Light Gauge Panel is one of the strongest building systems in the global market. Weighing less than 1/3 the weight of conventional lumber construction, a four foot by eight foot 18 ga. panel with studs at 16" on center weighs approximately 70 lbs. and can support an ultimate axial load of over 36,000 lbs. Fire - GPS used in the UltraFrame Panel does not contribute to the weakening of the walls. The UltraFrame Panel has been tested and achieved a 2 hr. rating for a fully loaded wall. Resistance - UltraFrame and Crown ICF Walls are inorganic and therefore provide no food value for termites, wood ants, and other insects. Another benefit to the inorganic nature of UltraFrame and Crown ICF is that they do not support mold growth or the transference of mold. Seismic - Structural GPS in its formed state.Racking load test performed on GPS building products have proven to resist the damaging impacts of the highest Zone 4 seismic activities.

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