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Tiny House For Sale(Rustic)

Toledo, Ohio
For Sale
Tiny House on a Trailer
140 sq ft
1 beds
0.5 baths
No Land
Built 2016

Selling my 8.5’x16’x13.4’ tiny house on wheels. Home was built,finished towards the end of 2016. The inside will need a little work done to it for the house to fully be complete. As it sits now it’s partially a shell. Wiring, insulation, and walls are complete, only lacking a finished bathroom and kitchen(wasn’t needed at time due to main house on property) but it has the spaces built in. My wife and I lived in the house for nearly 3 years. We decided after having twin babies there was no way to longer live in the house. We’ve accepted there’s no choice but to give up on the tiny house dream and sell it hoping we can buy a new house now. The photos uploaded Of the outside are how it currently sits. I’m still working on finishing the trim. The inside photos are shortly before we moved in. The walls have and ceiling have fully been finished from what these photos show. The built in couch no longer is there so this is essentially what the house would be other than the covered walls and ceilings. Could negotiate price if tiny house must be shipped. I will continue to finish off the inside of the house to hopefully increase value so price may reflect that as of now. House was built by me and has weathered the past 3 years amazingly. Having previous construction experience,the house is built to as much of a code that a tiny house can be. I have all photo documentation of all the work as it progressed. The trailer it sits on was built professionally and specifically for a tiny house. I have a bill of sale for the trailer itself. The house has sat at its same location since it was built, but I did build it in mind with of moving it. At this point in our lives we are just trying to recoup the cost of building the house. But we want it gone as soon as we can so I could wiggle on the price some. So please feel free to message me and maybe we can make a deal.

Features Include: Storage Loft, Sleeping Loft, Wood Stove, and Stairs

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