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THB Tiny House Incubator

CUMMING, Georgia 30041
3 available lots
5 total lots
From $200.00 to $440.00

Transaction Type(s): Rent

House Type(s): Tiny House on a Trailer, Converted Vehicle, RV, and Park Model

The Tiny House Incubator is a place to Store, Live and/or Work on your tiny house. If you are planning to build at the incubator you get a plot of land large enough to build your house, a storage location for your tools, a plot for camping, and access to bathroom facilities. You will also have access to power, compressed air for pneumatic tools, free access to hand tools (as available), as well as deeply discounted rental power tools (1/4 retail rates). For those living on the property, power, water, internet, and access to a porta-potty is provided. There is no sewer hookup available. The Incubator is run by Tiny Home Builders ( Please contact us for additional information and terms.

Features Include: Restrooms

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