What is a Live Streaming Workshop?

For those who can’t attend one of our hands-on tiny house workshops in-person, we offer a live streaming option for specific events. The live streaming option allows you to virtually attend and participate in a workshop from anywhere in the world, without ever leaving your house.

How it Works

  • For the workshops that offer a live streaming option, we place cameras throughout the venue and broadcast the event to the internet. The cameras are placed such that both the presentation, as well as the hands-on portions are viewable.
  • From your computer or tablet, you’ll log in to a secure site on the day of the event to watch and ask questions (via chat), just like your were there.
  • The entire workshop is also recorded and made accessible for 90 days after the event, in case you miss any part or just want to review the information.

Live streaming is a great option that allows you to experience the excitement and knowledge of a Tiny Home Builders workshop without the hassle and expense of traveling.

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