5 Brilliant Tiny House Storage Ideas

Even in an everyday large home, storage can sometimes come at a premium. Things are ten times smaller and therefore ten times tougher to do in a tiny house. One of the great things to come out of the tiny house movement is the unique ways that people have come up to find more room in their tiny space. Here are some examples of brilliant tiny house storage ideas.

Folding Kitchen Table

The kitchen table, which is only used typically to serve meals, is also a work space, ironing board and more in a tiny house. In this example, the builder has taking the idea of a fold down table and incorporated storage right into the design.

More Counter Space

Whether you just need some room to chop veggies, or to just set the groceries down when you first come through the door after shopping, this expandable counter is just the idea you need. Make sure you consider size and strength when building so that your hardware doesn’t bend or break it under load.

Bathroom Storage

The bathroom is one of those places where drawers and shelves come in really handy with all of the linens and cosmetics that people accumulate. Here is a really clever idea of bathroom in-counter storage where likely there would be nothing under the back corner of the vanity. Just be careful with water exposure/drainage.

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Hide Under the Stairs

Probably one of the most talked about places in a tiny house is the storage under the stairs. Pullouts, closets, and drawers are all very popular ways to take advantage of the under-stair storage. The beauty is that you can hide as much of it as you want by fronting the cubbies with doors or leaving them open.

Under the Floor

We get asked about this type of storage a lot and although it is not a good choice for most, you will see many people still use it. The difficulty with under floor storage is keeping the area insulated, trying not to bottom the home out on the ground and making sure that you go between the crossbeams of the trailer. Still, if you can make all of that work, there are places for you to hide away some things right under your feet.

So where are you planning on storing all of your stuff in your tiny home? Do you have a picture or a site that you love their ideas of storage? Let us know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “5 Brilliant Tiny House Storage Ideas

  1. Sharon Wegner said:

    I love the roll out storage under the stairs. Instead of shoes, I’d have a bookshelf. Just have to be careful about weight balancing, as books are pretty heavy. The fold down table with wall storage is also pretty cool.

  2. Teri Prothero said:

    These are just such great ideas. I have doing my homework for the last year checking things out. This is something that I am ready to get going on, I have already started my down sizing in a BIG way. I just don’t know what my first step should be and just how to get financing and who to help me. Help

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