Tiny House Living: Two Years Later

A couple of years ago, Dan built a home for Austin and Heidi Thompson from CreateContentment.com. Now that they have been in it for a while, we thought we would reach out to them and find out how they are doing. Here is what Austin has to say about tiny house living two years in:

Tiny House Living - Front We love our home. We are fortunate to live close to work and friends, but in a secluded area where we can get away from the hustle and bustle of life. We enjoy spending time on our deck when the weather and mosquitos cooperate. Our dog Ruth even has her own tiny house to sleep in while we are away at work.  At first, it was hard to figure out what we would need in our tiny house and what we could give away. I was afraid to get rid of something only to find out later that I should have kept it. Well, two years later I do not miss a single thing from the boxes and boxes of junk we gave away. The fears we had of letting go were completely unwarranted.  Many people ask what my wife and I do when we are angry with each other and want our own space in the tiny house. Sharing a small space has definitely exposed our selfish tendencies, but also forced us to address the issue and work it out. As a result, we have learned to be aware of our sinful nature and how to love each other better.  Tiny house living has allowed us to pay off debt, spend more time with each other, and focus on what is important in our lives. If we had not gone through the difficulties of starting our tiny journey, we would not have reaped the benefits.  We would highly recommend the services of Tiny Home Builders. Dan and his father worked tirelessly to help my tiny house plans come to life.Tiny House Features:

  • Large outdoor deck with tiny dog house
  • Open living area with couch
  • Washer/Dryer combo
  • Two sleeping lofts
  • Spacious kitchen with deep sink, oven, stove, refrigerator and dishwasher
  • Standard size shower with glass door

 If you are looking for the original post about the Thompson’s House, Click here. Austin Thompson is a 27-year-old structural engineer from Gainesville, FL. He writes about practical tips to add more satisfaction to your life at CreateContentment.com

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  1. Maria said:

    When moving to your location, how did you register your tiny house on wheels.

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