Tiny House Kitchen Design

Believe it or not there are a few different kitchen layouts to choose from when designing your tiny house. A kitchen can be a very personal thing and no matter the size it generally becomes the heart of the home. Even people turning to a minimalist lifestyle and living in a tiny house must also eat. Just like in a traditional house, the kitchen often takes on the personality of the those using it. I have seen 100’s of kitchen designs and wanted to share just a few with you to show the wide range available to incorporate into your future tiny home.

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The Inside Story: Living Tiny

Over the years Tiny Home Builders have worked with countless people in the tiny home community, from advocates and enthusiast to building companies, and diy’ers, maybe even a few naysayers. They all have a unique story to share and this is one of them. (Please look for more stories in this blog series: “The Inside Story”)

There’s a new face in the Tiny Home Building community that I think you are going to be seeing a lot more of.  Levi Green and his wife Chandler with Levi’s uncle, Brent Green, began Living Tiny about a year and a half ago after Chandler became interested in the tiny home movement. She realized that there was a demand for tiny homes in the Midwest and she “knew that we could help those people live out their dreams”. With over 20 years of experience, in the traditional home building industry, Levi and his uncle Brent knew this was a challenge they could rise to.

Tell Us a Little about Yourself

Located in Claremore Oklahoma, the Greens see a lot of clients in their mid-30’s “who just want to live a simpler life.” These folks are interested in tiny homes for personal use, but they also have clients that want a house to rent out as an Airbnb and a few have created resort rentals.

Levi says their style is farmhouse modern and features clean lines and a modern design. “100% of our homes are custom designed, all in house. We draw up all our own plans”. Their focus has been on tiny homes but plan to branch out to container homes as well. “We find it very rewarding to help people live financially free and enjoy the simple life of living out their dreams. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal from start to finish. Our business was built because of our customers.” And to prove this “We offer free shipping to all lower 48 states. This sets us apart from other builders. We take all the stress out of building a home from design to delivery.”

Any Cool Projects?

I asked the team what their favorite build was so far. “We love all of our projects because there is not one that is alike. Our most recent home we just built for some clients in Hawaii has been one of the most fun projects because of the destination and the personality of the home. We are the first Tiny home company to ship a tiny home from the mainland to Hawaii. That makes that build one of our favorites!”

Any Advice for a Future TH Owner?

 “The best advice we could give a perspective client is to understand the cost of a build. Even know these homes are smaller they still cost money. One of the largest expenses of a tiny home is the trailer. The next thing we would say is have a place ready to go and financing in place prior to reaching out. We have a lot of perspective clients that we spend weeks getting their plan ready and they end up not being able to get financing.”

Is There anything else that you would like us to know about Living Tiny?

“We partnered with my uncle Brent Green who has over 20 years of building and design experience and hundreds of full-scale homes completed, he brings a unique perspective to the challenges and opportunities of tiny houses. Our goal is to help improve lives by supporting economic freedom, intentional living, and sustainability. We believe that great design and quality housing should be affordable and attainable. Being a Navy Veteran Living Tiny was a part of life while serving. Taking what I learned from my time in the service and what true essentials I needed to live simple has help us know what is important in a home.”  

Thank you Levi and Chandler for sharing your story with us. We are super grateful to partner with you and wish you much success in the future.

If you have built a home on a Tiny Home Builders Trailer or have used one of our plans, we would love to share your story. Just drop me a line at Support@tinyhomebuilders.com

Face Your Fear: Tiny House Electrical Wiring Face Your Fear: Tiny House Electrical Wiring

There is very little more terrifying for most DIYers than doing electrical work. The fear of blowing circuits, starting fires or even electrocution is usually what steers most people away from attempting to rewire anything in the house, let alone install electricity from scratch. Here we will discuss how even the most novice of tiny house builders can learn to feel comfortable around tiny house electrical wiring.

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The Inside Story: Taylor and Leah

Over the years Tiny Home Builders have worked with countless people in the tiny home community, from advocates and enthusiast to building companies, and diy’ers, maybe even a few naysayers. They all have a unique story to share and this is one of them. (Please look for more stories in this blog series: “The Inside Story”)

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Tiny-House-building-mistakes-title The Five Biggest Tiny House Building Mistakes

Let’s be honest here: we are all human and we all make mistakes. And knowing that, you can prepare yourself for some of them, and there are others that you are just going to have to learn as you go. But in the interest of hoping we can all share knowledge and prevent a few of the biggest mistakes from happening, here are the five biggest tiny house mistakes that you will encounter while building.

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lessons-building-tiny-house-title Five Lessons Learned Building My First Tiny House

This time last year, Dan and I embarked on a shed style, tiny house shell for a customer. Dan, of course, has been through this a time or 20, but for me, this was to be my first tiny house build. I was excited and anxious to see the man who I view as the “Zen Master” of tiny house building, Dan Louche, in action. There was much for me to learn so now that we are complete. I thought I would share my top five tiny house lessons learned.

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Tiny House Leveling - Title Straight and Stable: The Ins and Outs of Tiny House Leveling

Unless you live in a century old home, having a level house is something that most people take for granted. Tiny house owners, on the other hand, have to deal with leveling their house on a regular basis. There are many ways to level a tiny house, some better than others. Here is your guide to the hows and whys of Tiny House leveling.

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