The Inside Story: Wind River Tiny Homes

Over the years Tiny Home Builders have worked with countless people in the tiny home community, from advocates and enthusiast to building companies, and diy’ers, maybe even a few naysayers. They all have a unique story to share and this is one of them. (Please look for more stories in this blog series: “The Inside Story”)

There’s a tiny home building company, on the outskirts of Chattanooga Tennessee, that’s making a name for its self; Wind River Tiny Homes.  Four and a half years ago the founder Travis Pyke found inspiration from the tiny house movement and today brings that to life with co owners Paul Beckmann and Caleb Knowles. “We wanted to live more intentionally and with more time. This is something that we wanted for everyone. We love helping our clients achieve more freedom.”

Wind River Workshop

What’s going on over there?

The crew at WR create mostly custom-built tiny homes, Skoolie conversions, commercial use tiny spaces and high-end backyard out buildings. They can “do it all; modern, rustic, industrial, eclectic, you name it!” They pride themselves in achieving the look and feel that the home owner desires.  

Custom Skoolie by Wind River

One of their favorite projects was a 32’ gooseneck called “The Lupine”. “The client gave us some freedom with the look and feel of finishes and it all came together great! It features a Velux skylight, sliding glass door, high end bathroom finishes, and cubic mini wood burning stove.” Another time a client asked them to design a home with a steampunk/samurai look and feel to it. To that they responded; We can do that!” I can’t wait to see how that comes out!

Lupine THOW by Wind River

Wind River builds most of their homes on Tiny Home Builders trailers and we couldn’t be more grateful for the relationship! They know that they are literally starting with a solid, reliable foundation on which to build their creations and we know that when we recommend our clientele to work with them, on a custom build, that we will hear nothing but good things back.

Any Insight?

I asked the guys what advice they would give to perspective clients and this is what they had to say. “The tiny home industry has come a long way, but it’s still coming into its own. It’s very important that you understand the hurdles of (1) where to put your tiny house and (2) how to finance it.” They also added “We believe custom tiny homes should be affordable. We get great feedback from our clients on the price points we offer. In 2018, we moved into our brand new 9,000 square foot facility. We are fully invested in the future of tiny homes!

The Monocle

We here at Tiny Home builders are big fans of Wind River Tiny Homes!. If you would like to learn more about them or are interested in working with them visit

Tiny Home Builders trailers on their way to Wind River Tiny Homes

Stayed tuned for more stories in my blog series “The Inside Story” highlighting builders and home owners forging their way through this new lifestyle.

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