Recently the Property Brothers came out and said that they wished that the Tiny House Trend would just go away. Here are the reasons that they pooh-poohed the tiny house world as well as our firm but fair rebuttal.

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This past weekend, Dan Louche and the Tiny Home Builders Team brought their Tiny Living 12 model to the Decatur Tiny House Festival in Decatur, GA.

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I’m on TV!

If you get a chance tune in to HLN’s Making It In America today at 4PM. The people there were kind enough to invite me on to the show, so check it out!

UPDATE: The show went really great. They had me on and off for the whole hour talking about tiny houses. I was really hoping to be able to share it with everyone but unfortunately HLN doesn’t post their shows online, so no such luck :(

Dan Louche on HLN Live