Justin Draplin: Creek Walk

Over the years Tiny Home Builders have worked with countless people in the tiny home community, from advocates and enthusiast to building companies, and diy’ers, maybe even a few naysayers. They all have a unique story to share and this is one of them. (Please look for more stories in this blog series: “The Inside Story”)

I have written stories about tiny home builders that we partner with and private home owners, but today’s story is about a community developer. We first got to know Justin in the fall of 2018 when he contacted us to build a tiny home trailer for him. We certainly didn’t know then how big his dream really was. It turns out that just building one home would not be enough for him. Justin wanted to build a village. A place where neighbors knew and cared about each other, with a connection to the greater world beyond them. He decided to build north of Travelers Rest South Carolina off of the Swamp Rabbit Trail and called his community Creek Walk.

The home that started it all was a 20′ x 90″ one level minimalist house.

This cute little house may be small but it has all the necessities such as a cook top, refrigerator and even a washer and dryer. It is currently being used as a vacation rental in Creek Walk. Justin knew he wanted to incorporate something unique, as he was planning his design, and since this was going to be used for vacationing he decided to add a large window at the end of the home so folks could lounge in bed and take in the view.

The “Little Brown” is 160 square feet, took 2 months to build and only cost $25,000. During the building process Justin’s main concern was making sure he was securing the home to the trailer properly, but once he got past that learning curve the framing went quickly and he was satisfied to see his vision come to life.

Building a house is one thing, creating an entire tiny home community is another. As many of us know, quite often, lawmakers have a hard time categorizing tiny houses, especially if they are on wheels, and push back as citizens seek approval to live in and develop these small homes. This was certainly the case for Justin ” It was a difficult, long and expensive process. The hardest part was helping others understand exactly what we are doing to get the proper approvals.” Even though developing a community takes perseverance Justin feels that the effort is worth it and would encourage others to do the same.

Centrally located in South Carolina, Creek Walk has lots of amenities that will get you out of the rat race and back into nature. Some include bike and walking trails, gardens, creeks and a pond. They also have onsite storage and a community building to help ease you into tiny living. Justin is proud of what he created and wants to share his vision with others. ” “In a lot of ways, community is pre-built here. If you want to walk or bike on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, you don’t have to get in a car or go and meet somewhere, you can just knock on your neighbor’s door. I find that people in tiny-home communities want that connection, and they’re more willing to be open and invite others inside.”

Thanks for sharing your story with us Justin! If you have built a home on a Tiny Home Builders Trailer or have used one of our plans, we would love to share your story. Just drop me a line at Support@tinyhomebuilders.com

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