Awesome Tiny House Model

I wanted to quickly share a picture of a tiny house framing model that someone sent me. tiny house model

It’s the Tiny Living design and I think he did an awesome job. He built this to prepare for the real thing since the weather is too cold right now up where he lives, near Boston. Once it warms up a little he plans to start construction of the actual house. If the attention to detail of this model is any indication, I expect it will be a good one!

Tiny Living Plans Updated

Tiny House Plans

I recently updated the plans for my Tiny Living design. If you have previously purchased the plans you should have already received an email from me including the updated files (for free). If not, please send me an email.

The updates are mostly minor and include:

  • – A front storage loft was added
  • – Additional dimensions and notes added to the plans
  • – Some redundant pages removed from the plans
  • – Minor corrections and updates to the materials list including current prices

Tiny House Plans Roof Detail

I’ll be updating my Tiny Retirement Design in the next couple weeks and then releasing the final version of my Tinier Living plans. Lots of updating going on here :)

Tiny Living Interior

As promised, here are the pictures of the finished interior of ‘Tiny Living’. I couldn’t get the color just right since there are three different sources of light (sunlight, incandescent and florescent bulbs), so if it looks a little off I apologize.

Tiny Living Interior

Tiny House Kitchen

Tiny House Kitchen Sink

Closet and spot for refridgerator

Tiny House Bathroom

Tiny House Loft

Loft and Bathroom

Tiny Living Interior

And I also made a video

In the News!

Tiny Home Builders on NBC

Just as I was pulling into DeLand to finish the ‘Tiny Living’ house I was contacted by a reporter from NBC who wanted to do a story on tiny houses. Within an hour I was being interviewed and the feature aired later that night and all through the weekend. It was pretty cool!

Check it out here:

BTW The house is done! I’ll have pictures posted as soon as I get back to town but it looks great! I’m super excited! :)

Tiny Living videos

I finally got a chance to put together the videos from my trip to Florida. As usual they are out of focus, shaky, and filled with me repeating myself. But hopefully there is something in there that someone will find useful.

This first video I shot half way through the trip and I talk mainly about the interior siding and something I might consider doing differently concerning the electrical if I had planned to hook this house up to solar power.

And the last video I shot right before I left Florida.

The Devil is in the Details – Deja vu

When I drive down to Deland last Monday the first thing I did was make a list of all of the remaining items that needed to be completed to declare this house ‘done’. I then laid them out into a schedule since my plan was to have everything wrapped up for the open house that I was hosting on the following Saturday. All the items fit in nicely on my little piece of paper that turned out to be my fantasy work schedule. On the end of the first day I was already reworking my list and dropping things off. The interior work is just so slow because of the detail that goes into all of the various trim pieces.

I worked feverously up until the first person showed up on Saturday. I brought a change of clothes specifically for the open house so that I could look a little more professional but instead I looked like a homeless man who had just run 3 miles. Despite my dishevelment I really enjoyed the day as I got to talk to a few people about a topic I really enjoy.

I completed most of the interior except for sealing and staining the walls and installing the cabinets.


Tiny House Exterior

Tiny House Exterior Rear Left

Tiny Living Front Door

Tiny Living Side

I’ll post a video once I get it edited which has some interior shots.

Among the visitors on Saturday was Alex from He brought his camera along so look for some cool video coming from him at his site.

Sarana Park

Juko recently contacted me to share her progress on her tiny house build. Once it is complete she plans to move it to a 23 acre redwood forest. I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty awesome to me! I can only imagine waking up in that environment every day.

I’ve only just now started to read her blog but I am really enjoying it. I love what she has done with her house so far. In one of her posts she talks about her experience with various tiny house plans including mine. I absolutely love hearing about helping others and it is by far the primary reason I’m involved with tiny houses.

Check out her blog here: