Couple Builds a Tiny House

3-28-2014 12-27-02 PM

I was randomly looking through some of the latest tiny house news and I came across this article about a young couple that is building their own tiny house. I got so excited because Lily and Matt (whom the article is about) attended my last workshop and purchased a trailer from me. I hadn’t heard from Lily since then and so I didn’t know how she was coming along but looking at the pictures in the article she is making some amazing progress. Before the workshop I don’t think Lily had ever used a power tool, and now she’s built herself a house. She’s amazing!

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Photo by Beth Beasley/ Times-News

Timothy’s Tinier Living House


On a recent trip to Florida I had the pleasure of visiting one of our Alpharetta workshop attendees. Timothy is building our Tinier Living design and has a really cool idea for its use that I wanted to share. For those who don’t know, our Tinier Living design is a smaller version of our popular Tiny Living house. While smaller, the bathroom, loft, and kitchen are all about the same size of the larger version. Where space is sacrificed is in the living area.


Timothy is already living tiny by living in a trailer that he has remodeled. While he has done an awesome job, the insulation and the general layout have not really been to his liking, so he decided to build himself his own house.

Since the Tinier Living house has all the amenities required to live (kitchen, bath, sleeping), but is a little tight on general living area, he plans to build an additional structure for hanging out and eating. His tiny house will then just ‘dock’ up to it and provide all the houses services. He also plans to build additional living structures in other parts of the country where he can then move just his tiny house between them (containing all his belongings). His first living structure where be right beside a secluded lake in a beautiful part of central Florida. Part of the structure will go out over the lake just slightly where I imagine he will be dropping a fishing line occasionally.


Since a Tinier Living house is so small, it can be easily towed by some smaller vehicles (including some SUV’s), he can even use it as an RV in a pinch or if he wants to park it in a location where he hasn’t yet built a living room house.

What’s awesome is that as I’m visiting with him I kept thinking he is living the dream. He’s doing what he loves, he’s surrounded by friends, and amazingly it doesn’t hardly cost anything. Pretty cool if you ask me!

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