Downsize and Simplify by Going Digital

Let’s face it; America has a lot of stuff. We have so much stuff that not only can we not fit it all in our full sized houses, but we even have extra storage spaces offsite that we pay monthly to keep around. This is precisely the reason why tiny living is so appealing. So how can you reduce a lot of that stuff that is cluttering up our lives? Go digital! Here are a few tips and tricks to getting your eLife going digital.

Going Digital: Music

Going digital - MusicSo, this is probably the biggest no brainer of them all as most people have at least started to the conversion process to digital music. Almost everyone has a smart phone from which they are either streaming or downloading and playing their favorite jams. There are plenty of places where you don’t even need to upload your music. You just put the CD in the drive and the service will recognize it, and give you credit for owning it, and put the files into your library automatically. Consumer Reports has compiled and updated as of March 2017 a fairly comprehensive list here.

Going Digital: Photos

I am not sure about your family, but my mom took WAY too many pictures, and filled WAY too many albums with them.  The problem came when she passed: I inherited all of them. After going through them and noticing a hundred pictures of my high school graduation party, I thought it was time to weed them out. I went through and picked out the best ones and threw out the rest. Google will give you unlimited storage at their standard size. Flickr will also give you a terabyte of space to put those snaps as well.

Going Digital: Books

I know, there are some people who just have to have a real book in their hands. But if you want to keep your stuff to a minimum (and if you are going into a tiny home, your weight as well), you are going to want to donate the books and get digital copies of whatever is your must haves. I am a book person and have whittled my collection down to less than 20, seven of which are hard cover. It was not easy, but I do not dread moving them anywhere near as much.

Going Digital: Cookbooks

going digital - cookbookOften forgotten about are things like cook books. Go through your favorite cookbooks and find the recipes that really mean something to you, and Google their exact title. You will find that nine out of ten times, someone has shared it online. Copy and paste it into a word processor document or cooking application and voila! You have a personalized cookbook. I have a tablet that I use in the kitchen and it is the best thing I could have ever done to free up counter space.

Going Digital: Instruction Manuals

This is something that I started way before going tiny. There are so many manuals, warranties, and receipts that you need to keep for everything from washing machines to coffee pots. Scan all of your warranties and receipts and search out PDF documents of your instruction manuals. Then take that entire drawer full of books and recycle them.

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Those are just a few ways that you can reduce your clutter around your house by embracing the digital world. How are you going digital? Any suggestions that you can share? Let me know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Downsize and Simplify by Going Digital

  1. John said:

    One of the things that became a problem was finding some of my old books in digital form….then I stumbled on this amazing service.
    What you do is send your books to them and they cut the covers and spines off. Scan the books into PDFs (with searchable text!). After you a 30 day window for you to check your books for any scan issues….they’ll then recycle the paper for you. Another cool part of their service is they accept orders from Amazon Prime directly to their door…a great way to find used books and then have them digitized into PDFs too.

  2. Melody said:

    What about digital movies? (Converting dvds to a digital format). Where can you go to do this?

    • John said:

      I use a program called “Handbrake” It’s free and works amazing for DVDs. Don’t know if it works with Blu-ray though.

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