The Best Dog Breeds for a Tiny House

Contrary to popular belief, when you go tiny, you don’t have to make EVERYTHING in your life go tiny. For the most part, this holds true with your dog breeds as well. Just because you have a toy breed, doesn’t mean that they are perfect for a tiny house and the same holds true on the opposite side: just because the dog is huge, doesn’t mean he won’t fit into your new tiny life. Although there are MANY breeds that will fit in a tiny lifestyle, here are five of the best dog breeds for a tiny house worth checking out.

English Bulldog

The Best Dog Breeds for a Tiny House - BulldogThis medium energy/medium size dog is one of the most popular breeds on this list and rightly so. They are calm, lazy and will lay just about everywhere. They don’t require much exercise; a daily walk would suffice. They also won’t be upset when you head up into the loft to go to bed. They can and pretty much will sleep anywhere.


The smallest dog of the bunch, they have one of the biggest personalities as well. They are great to have because of their size, but keep in mind that they are explorers and if you give them the way out, they are going to find it.


PugsThe Best Dog Breeds for a Tiny House - Pug are good in size, and they are medium energy pooches. If you are a little more up-tempo yourself, this is a good dog for you as if they don’t get enough exercise, they have a tendency to become a little more mischievous.  The also weigh in at a small 14-18 pounds which makes it easy to carry them to bed.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Best Dog Breeds for a Tiny House - YorkieIf you are ok with a little more grooming work, the Yorkie is a great breed to have around the tiny house. They are bouncy, happy dogs with lots of affection for whomever will give it. They are definitely more medium energy and will require a daily walk, but the small size of only up to seven pounds, makes tiring them out a pretty easy task.


The Best Dog Breeds for a Tiny House - BeagleYou could really substitute many of the hound breeds in here as most are lazy, love-y and laugh out loud funny. But the beagle wins this hound round with being kind of right in the middle size-wise with a height around 13-15 inches. They are snuggly, loving, and for the most part quiet but make sure you wear them out. They need exercise and if they don’t get it, that nose of theirs makes it easy to stray off the beaten path and their stubbornness will make you literally have to drag them back home.

The Best Dog Breeds for a Tiny House - moderndogDon’t forget, if you are looking for plans for a tiny dog house, we have them too! Click here.

What kind of dog do you have in your tiny home? Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Kathy Truhn said:

    A maltese is the absolute best dog for a tiny house. They are so loveable and do not shed.

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