Tiny House Bathrooms are usually a main focus of a new tiny house builder which is actually funny that most people spend less than 1% of their day in that room. But that doesn’t mean that people don’t go all out and make their tiny house bathrooms as livable and beautiful as they can.  Here are five examples of tiny house bathrooms that could inspire your tiny house project.

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One of the biggest fears that people have is tiny house plumbing. Whether they are afraid that they are going to flood their house or just have a small leak, most people will pay an exorbitant amount of money to have a plumber come out and take care of it. But you would be surprised how easy and safe plumbing can be. Here is what you need to know to take away your fears of tiny house plumbing.

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All Roughed In

I’ve completed the electrical and plumbing ‘rough in’ as well as another hour of video.

Electrical and plumbing roughed in

Next is the insulation. I’ve decided to do the insulation myself on this house due to the expense of the closed cell spray foam. The insulation companies often have a minimum charge to make it worth it for them to bring out and set up the foam truck. So even though this house is really small the cost of having it sprayed is the same as a much larger house. One quote I got was for $1200 while I expect I can do it myself (using the preformed sheets) for closer to $400.

After the insulation I will start on the interior siding, which will start to make it look more like a house on the inside.

Tiny Living videos

I finally got a chance to put together the videos from my trip to Florida. As usual they are out of focus, shaky, and filled with me repeating myself. But hopefully there is something in there that someone will find useful.

This first video I shot half way through the trip and I talk mainly about the interior siding and something I might consider doing differently concerning the electrical if I had planned to hook this house up to solar power.

And the last video I shot right before I left Florida.

Tiny House 2 – Day 10

This morning I awoke to a terribly upset stomach. I either had some type of bug or food poisoning. So while I still managed to be out at the tiny house for half the day, I wasn’t that much help while I was there. We did manage to mostly complete the drain plumbing which was a little tricky since you have to navigate the various parts of the floor and metal supports of the trailer. I shot a video but since it was rather short I thought I would combine it with a video of other parts of the plumbing tomorrow.

I also met with the second insulation guy today. He gave we a quote that was much more in line with what I  was expecting: $1080. If I were to do it myself with 2” foam it would cost about $650. So given the benefits of the closed cell spray in (very good seal, high r-value, added rigidity to the trailer) I think I will have them do it.

I also spoke to my brother this morning about helping out with the roof and he thought he would be able to make in out on Friday. So I am pretty confident that that will get completed before I leave.

Hopefully I feel better in the morning.

The Devil is in the Details

I put another 6 days into the tiny house, this time with help from my brother and dad. Unfortunately that wasn’t quite enough to call it a wrap.

Last week my brother relocated the trailer from Lakeland to DeLand where I was able to stay with my dad while I worked. The house was a little too big to fit under all the trees on his property but fortunately he has a nice neighbor who let us park in her yard for the time being.

Tiny Retirement Being Finished

On the first day we worked on finishing the rough electrical and plumbing…

Tiny House Electrical

…including the drain lines that will eventually be connected to the main homes sewer lines.

Tiny House Plumbing

We then moved on to the interior siding and trim. This is detail work and thus requires a lot of time. I also didn’t account for the trim in my mental ‘budget’.I thought I had essentially already laid out all the money I was going to have to to finish this job, image my disappointment when I had to put out another $1000.

In hind site, given the circumstances of this build, I could have and should have been more conservative with many of my selections. I could have easily shaved off a few grand if I had opted to build the economy model.

Tiny House Interior Siding Tiny House Interior Siding Dormer Windows Tiny House Interior Siding Kitchen Window Interior Siding above shower Finishing off trim Scaffolding in tiny house

When I left a small amount of trim and ceiling still needed to be completed, as well as all the flooring. My brother is going to travel back out to my dad’s next week to finish it up before moving it back to my mom’s for staining.

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