Progress at a snails pace

tiny house with steps

I finally got a few pictures from my mom and I thought I would post them. Progress has been slow. I expected she would be living in her TH by now but it seems they have been staining for forever. The last time I asked her though she said she expected to be moved in by the end of the month.

I set her up with a blog over at where she is going to post her progress from her perspective. I will continue to post design/building information and pictures while she will tell the story of someone making the transition to tiny living. I have also made a commitment to myself to wrap up my updates to my plans by the end of the month (something I have been saying I was going to finish for months now), so look for something around then.

tiny house stained interior siding stained interior siding

front steps

Paint progress

Florida weather has made progress on the tiny house slow going. My step dad has managed to paint the entire solid color and is about to move on to the trim. Him and my Mom picked up some wood floor that was on closeout. The dealer only had 360 sq ft. so they had to take all of it but at $.50 a square it was a bargain (plus I have enough to do the next tiny house).

Tiny House Painted Exterior

A business trip is pushing back my trip to Florida by a couple of weeks but right now I am planning on going around March 31st to wrap it up.

Also, over the past weekend my fiancé and I rented a cottage at Unicoi state park in north Georgia. I had never really given it much thought before but ‘cottage’ equals ‘tiny house’. As soon as I walked in I took on the mindset that this was my home and not just another temporary hotel room. Beth and I had planned on living in my Moms tiny house for a couple weeks when I was done with it to see how feasible it would be for us. Obviously my home owners association put a crimp in that plan but this was definitely the next best thing. It was eye opening and made me think about storage and design in ways that I hadn’t up until then. I would highly recommend anyone considering tiny living to rent a small cottage for a couple days. I think you would enjoy it and learn something (like where are you going to put your toothbrush if your kitchen sink is your only sink), and I can think of worse things to do on a weekend.

Unicoi Barrell Cottage