After my experience with building my first tiny house documented last week here, I figured out that I am not the most comfortable being up on a 13’ high roof. Fear of heights is certainly not uncommon, but whether you like it or not, you are going to have to spend some time in the air during your tiny house construction. Here is some advice on conquering (or at least lessening) your fear of tiny house heights.

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One of the biggest ways to expand your space in a tiny house is to live outside of it as much as possible. Tiny house decks are definitely a great way to help you bring your living space outdoors and make your home feel even larger. Here are 6 great tiny house decks to help inspire your designs.

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Moisture is one of a builder’s biggest concerns. Water can damage wood, ruin structural integrity and even cause toxic mold which can lead to severe health problems. The good news is with weather and vapor barriers acting as your mold prevention, you will be well on your way to a safe, happy, dry environment. Although these two terms are sometimes confused and used in place of one another, here are the details on the differences and how they work.*

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So Close

Tiny House Exterior Siding Completed

The roof is almost done with just the ridge cap remaining. I was hoping to get that done today since I won’t work on the house again until next week but it didn’t happen.


Once the ridge cap is done I can stop covering the house with a tarp which is pretty exciting. I will still have a few odds and ends to do on the exterior (storage doors, wood under the overhang, etc.), but that will be the last of the truly labor intensive work. I’m not saying the interior doesn’t take effort and time, it’s just in a whole different category than framing, siding, and roofing.

Exterior siding is going up

I was finally able to work on the house last week. I put in a full weeks work and will do the same this coming week, weather permitting. The siding is going up and I am starting to see what it’s going to look like. I hope to have all of the exterior siding done as well as the roof by the end of the week, but I’m thinking that might be just a bit much, especially since we have rain predicted. I have a tendency to set lofty goals which often leads to disappointment, but when I aim low it’s easy not to overshoot.

Exterior Siding Being Installed

Here is my homemade tool (wood platform on an extendable paint pole) for installing siding by myself. It’s not very sophisticated but works like a charm. When you’re by yourself you sometimes have to get creative :)

Custom Siding Installation Tool

As I have said before I’ve been recording this entire build so I’m going a lot slower than I would like. But I think I’ve got between 4 to 6 weeks left. Then I’ll put out an updated version of the plans and list the house for sale.

I’ll have an update at the end of the week with a lot more pictures and maybe even a video.

We have a door!

I got a few minutes over the weekend to sneak out and install the front door. It’s surprising how easy it is (primarily because doors are sold pre-hung with the frame already assembled). It just seems like it should be more difficult.

Tinier Living Door Installed

Like a lot of things in life, building a tiny house is just a really large collection of ‘not that challenging’ tasks. It’s just when you stand back and look at them all at the same time does it seem impossible. But if you spend a few hours here and a few hours there knocking off those tasks before you know it you’ve built a house!

The windows are installed!

I still have a little bit of the flexible flashing to install around a few of the windows, but for the most part they are done.

Tinier Living Windows Installed

Next is the door, the siding, and then the roof.