Face Your Fear: Tiny House Electrical Wiring

There is very little more terrifying for most DIYers than doing electrical work. The fear of blowing circuits, starting fires or even electrocution is usually what steers most people away from attempting to rewire anything in the house, let alone install electricity from scratch. Here we will discuss how even the most novice of tiny house builders can learn to feel comfortable around tiny house electrical wiring.

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All Roughed In

I’ve completed the electrical and plumbing ‘rough in’ as well as another hour of video.

Electrical and plumbing roughed in

Next is the insulation. I’ve decided to do the insulation myself on this house due to the expense of the closed cell spray foam. The insulation companies often have a minimum charge to make it worth it for them to bring out and set up the foam truck. So even though this house is really small the cost of having it sprayed is the same as a much larger house. One quote I got was for $1200 while I expect I can do it myself (using the preformed sheets) for closer to $400.

After the insulation I will start on the interior siding, which will start to make it look more like a house on the inside.

three way switch

Have you ever wondered how it is that the same light can be controlled from 2 different switches? No? What’s wrong with you ;) Well, if you happen to be one of the .5 percent that said yes, I have a video for you! Learn how the magic happens in the easy to wire, three way switch.

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The Devil is in the Details

I put another 6 days into the tiny house, this time with help from my brother and dad. Unfortunately that wasn’t quite enough to call it a wrap.

Last week my brother relocated the trailer from Lakeland to DeLand where I was able to stay with my dad while I worked. The house was a little too big to fit under all the trees on his property but fortunately he has a nice neighbor who let us park in her yard for the time being.

Tiny Retirement Being Finished

On the first day we worked on finishing the rough electrical and plumbing…

Tiny House Electrical

…including the drain lines that will eventually be connected to the main homes sewer lines.

Tiny House Plumbing

We then moved on to the interior siding and trim. This is detail work and thus requires a lot of time. I also didn’t account for the trim in my mental ‘budget’.I thought I had essentially already laid out all the money I was going to have to to finish this job, image my disappointment when I had to put out another $1000.

In hind site, given the circumstances of this build, I could have and should have been more conservative with many of my selections. I could have easily shaved off a few grand if I had opted to build the economy model.

Tiny House Interior Siding Tiny House Interior Siding Dormer Windows Tiny House Interior Siding Kitchen Window Interior Siding above shower Finishing off trim Scaffolding in tiny house

When I left a small amount of trim and ceiling still needed to be completed, as well as all the flooring. My brother is going to travel back out to my dad’s next week to finish it up before moving it back to my mom’s for staining.

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