On Hold

Things have gotten a little busy for my brother over the last month so
there is no progress to report. My dad lives about an hour away from
him so he really has to be able to dedicate a whole day in order to
make the drive worth it. To eliminate this barrier he has decided to
move the tiny house to his house this week so that he can put in any amount of
free time that he has on any particular day. By doing this he loses my
dad as help but there is so little work left this shouldn’t be a
significant impact.

My mother is understandably anxious to get moved in so my brother and
I have decided to move it to her house by June 10 no matter what its
state of completion.  Although it would be much harder for her to make
progress on it, at least it will be in her control.

So hopefully in mid-June I will be adding a post of the THP’s completion.

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The Countdown

I sent a letter to my HOA letting them know that the trailer will be removed no later than Jan 15th. I think it will be road ready before then but I wanted to give myself a little buffer. This is past the date they told me to get out but not by much so I’m hoping they will let it slide (what’s a few days between friends).

My brother and step-father are driving up on Tuesday. My step father doesn’t have any construction experience but it will be good to have an extra set of hands. They’ll get in late so we won’t be able to start work until Wednesday. The weather is pretty frigid here (especially for a Florida/SoCal boy) with snow expected on Thursday and high winds on Friday. Makes me wish I’d taken more days off when I was working in a t-shirt. (Click here to start the music before reading on) Oh, how I miss those warm beautiful days. No time pressure, no HOA, just me, the sun, a ladder, and a 12 foot drop. Ok, maybe not all the memories are great.

Thanks to everyone for their support, especially Michael of TinyHouseDesign.com and Kent of TinyHouseBlog.com for getting the word out. There are a few offers on the table for temporary storage of my TH but I’m going to wait until after the weekend to evaluate the situation.

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Small Delay

My brother had some work he needed to wrap up at home so he didn’t make it up yesterday and is instead driving up today. It just as well since it’s…  (wait for it)  … raining here. And I’m not talking about a spring shower, this is full-blown freeze-your-ass-off downpour. Here’s a picture of my backyard, and no, I don’t live on a lake

Flooded Backyard

Bad Weather Map

Hopefully I’ll have more for you in the coming days other than an Atlanta weather report.

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