Plans Now Available Pre-Printed


Up until now our plans have always been sold as a download, which meant you needed to print them out yourself. Because of this I always formatted the plans to fit on an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper since I knew that size is easiest for most everyone to print at home. The problem was that there is a lot of information in the plans and so that translated to a lot of pages (47 for our Tiny Living house), and thus a lot of flipping around during construction.

While building our last house I finally decided that I wanted the plans to be on a bigger sheet of paper (over twice the size at 12” x 18”). This would allow us to fit more information per sheet and make the images bigger and to scale. However, I didn’t want there to be any surprise costs when you went to print the plans yourself (I had them printed in color locally and they were $50!) so I also decided to start sending out the plans instead of them just being a download.

Check out the newly formatted plans over on our tiny houses page.

Tiny Living Plans Updated

Tiny House Plans

I recently updated the plans for my Tiny Living design. If you have previously purchased the plans you should have already received an email from me including the updated files (for free). If not, please send me an email.

The updates are mostly minor and include:

  • – A front storage loft was added
  • – Additional dimensions and notes added to the plans
  • – Some redundant pages removed from the plans
  • – Minor corrections and updates to the materials list including current prices

Tiny House Plans Roof Detail

I’ll be updating my Tiny Retirement Design in the next couple weeks and then releasing the final version of my Tinier Living plans. Lots of updating going on here :)

Dogs Need Tiny Houses Too!

Modern Dog House

But I guess dogs have always had tiny houses. Anyways, for a change of pace I decided to build my dog a house with a modern flare.

I showed the finished pictures to someone I work with and his response was “why does it have those angles?”, so I guess it’s not for everyone :)

Check out more pictures and pick up the plans if your feeling handy over at

Also, I’m planning a trip to Florida in mid February to finish up the house down there. A lot of people have asked me for pictures of the interior so rest assured they are on the way.

Sarana Park

Juko recently contacted me to share her progress on her tiny house build. Once it is complete she plans to move it to a 23 acre redwood forest. I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty awesome to me! I can only imagine waking up in that environment every day.

I’ve only just now started to read her blog but I am really enjoying it. I love what she has done with her house so far. In one of her posts she talks about her experience with various tiny house plans including mine. I absolutely love hearing about helping others and it is by far the primary reason I’m involved with tiny houses.

Check out her blog here:

Tiny Living plans now available

I finally put the finishing touches on my second plan package and it is now available for purchase.

Tiny Living House Plans

Tiny Living

The Tiny Living design consists of a large family room with vaulted ceilings and large dormers on either side of the room. The entryway in situated at the back of the trailer allowing for a spacious 7 foot sleeping loft at the front. Under the sleeping loft is the bathroom and the kitchen. The total length of the house is 20 feet making it large enough to live comfortably yet small enough to easily tow.

This package includes:

  • The Tiny House Construction Guide. This is a 64 page book consisting of over 107 color pictures and 23 chapters detailing all of the various stages of construction. This information is not specific to any particular set of plans and would be pertinent to anyone building a tiny house. This has been completely rewritten from the first version I released and includes a tremendous amount of useful information.
  • A 64 page printable set of plans organized in the order in which the work should be completed.
  • An electrical diagram showing the placement of all the switches and outlets.
  • A materials list detailing all of the items that would need to be purchased to build this tiny house. Having this information alone can save you well over the cost of the plans, which I explain how in the book. This list now includes the store description for most items to reduce ambiguity when you hand it over to place your order.
  • The SketchUp model that you can navigate in 3D to take any measurement and see how every board fits together. You can even import furniture into SketchUp to see what your house will look like once complete. Having the model also allows for you to make any modifications that you want and then recreate the plans.
  • Free updates

Click here for more information

Tiny House Construction Guide

The Tiny House Construction Guide is also available separately for those who are not quite sure which plans best suit them but are interested in learning more about building a tiny home. (if at a later time you decide to purchase plans a majority of the cost of the book can be applied to the plans)

Click here for more information

In the coming weeks I will be updating my original set of plans to include the latest edition of the Tiny House Construction Guide, an updated materials list (with store descriptions), and a couple very minor modifications to the plans themselves. The ‘Tiny Retirement’ plans have now been updated

For those of you who have already purchased the first set of plans, expect to get an email from me soon with a link to your free update. Links to the update have been sent

And finally, I have a new website that I will also be launching in the coming weeks so be on the lookout for that. It’s launched! Check it out at


Tiny Living Progress Update

Cedar Siding


My brother recently came back out to my dad’s and tried to finish the roof but we ended up being short two pieces of the gable rake and some screws. I put an order in for the last of it so that will only take a few hours to wrap up once it arrives (and my brother makes it back out there).


The windows were delivered and have been installed. They still have some protective wrapping on them which can be seen in some of the pictures if you were wondering.

Front Door

The front door was just ordered so we are waiting on that. We won’t be able to finish any more siding on the back of the trailer (front of the house) until that gets installed.

Cedar Siding above front door

Interior Siding

About half of the interior siding has been installed. The Florida humidity is giving my dad a hard time right now as the wood that the siding is made from is very porous and thus easily grows and shrinks with the weather. Its tongue and groove so if it shrinks after it is installed it’s not that give of a deal (the tongue and groove prevent you from seeing any spaces between the boards when it shrinks), but if it grows after it is installed then it wants to pop off the walls (not good). So he is leaving some of the wood out in the open (in the house) to expand before he puts it up.

Pine Interior Siding

Exterior Siding

Both long sides of the house are practically done. He can’t begin on the short ends until the roof is done (in addition to the front door going in) since the scaffolding is attached to the house there. The siding is stained before it is installed so that you don’t see any unstained strips in the event that the wood contracts after being installed. I have only been able to see the house in pictures but my brother says he loves it and it feels really cozy.

I’m really looking forward to going back down there in a couple months.


I’ve just put the finishing touches on the plans and the wiring diagram for this house. I still need to complete the materials list and the build manual before I release them but I’m optimistically shooting for August 1st. Then I will start updating the first set of plans and materials list. I will also start selling the manual separately for people who want to see what goes into building a tiny house but haven’t quite decided on a set of plans.

Tiny House 2 – Day 6

We finally completed the roof today and got the tar paper down. Just in time for a big storm to move in. We also made a trip to home depot during lunch to return some of the supplies that I had delivered. Having two people involved in the build allows you to be a little more efficient with the supplies since you can move around larger pieces of wood.

I will be updating the materials list for my first house with the latest information, including prices, with information that I have learned from this house. I’ll send out an email with a free link to everyone who has already purchased them once that is complete.

Tiny Living Sheathing and Tar Paper

Day 6

Tiny House plans now available!

Tiny Retirement House Plans

I’ve finally finished compiling all the information from my tiny house project. It has been quite a few months in the works but it is finally done, and I am very proud of it.

During the course of building my tiny house I took many pictures and wrote many notes (in addition to what I posted on the blog). The idea at the time was that someday I would put it all together into a package so that anyone looking to recreate my tiny house for themselves, would have all the benefits of my experiences. That someday has come!

This package includes:

  • A 76 page book consisting of over 120 color pictures and 7100 words detailing all of the steps that I took to build my tiny house. Very little of this information is specific to my tiny house, and would be pertinent to anyone building a tiny house.
  • A 66 page printable set of plans organized in the order in which the work should be completed.
  • An electrical diagram showing how the outlets and switches are divided between circuits.
  • A materials list detailing all of the items that would need to be purchased to build my tiny house. Having this information alone can save you over a thousand dollars, which I explain how in the book.
  • The SketchUp model that you can navigate in 3D to take any measurement and see how every board fits together.
  • Free updates

I’m selling this package for $250 with the hope that I will raise enough money to design and build my next tiny house.

Thanks to everyone for their patience while I put this together. I believe that it will be extremely helpful to anyone taking on building a tiny house.


Update: See my tiny house plans page for more information at