Your Tiny House is a Mansion

hong kong micro apartment 1

That’s what someone living in an (often illegal) Hong Kong micro apartment might say. The house in the image above looks to be about 4 feet by 8 feet, making it just 32 square feet. And it doesn’t look to have the nice natural stained pine walls or hardwood floors often found in many tiny houses either.

hong kong micro apartment 2

So next time someone asks you how you can consider moving into such a small space, point them to these images. Perhaps it will give them a new perspective.

hong kong micro apartment 3

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A different kind of tiny house community

There has been a lot of talk about tiny house communities lately. In fact, they are even talking about them in New York city. Of course, their idea of a tiny house community is a little different than ours.

NYC Tiny House Building

When I first saw this picture I thought, why are they stacking up those tiny houses? ;)

New York is conducting an experiment by allowing housing to be built that is less than the current minimum square footage. These houses will range in size between 250 and 370 square feet. While bigger than a typical tiny house, they look pretty similar.

NYC Micro Apartment Interior

They’re pretty cool too. There is an area that they refer to as the toolbox which primarily has the kitchen and the bathroom, and then there is an open area, called the canvas, that is rearranged and repurposed depending on the owners need at any particular time. For instance, it can be the dining area when you have guest, but then converts into the sleeping area at night.

NYC Micro Apartment Interior

I’m not so crazy about such a small splace having a hallway though. I think if the ‘canvas’ side and the ‘toolbox’ sides were switched, such that you entered into the open area, they could have rearranged the bathroom and kitchen to reclaim that underutilized space. But I’m sure they put a lot of thought into it so I expect they had a good reason for laying it out that way. And the reason may be as simple as people like entering into a foyer area.

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Too much stuff makes us sad

Since you are reading this blog I suspect you already had a sneaky suspicion that this was true, but now researchers are backing it up; we have too much stuff, and it’s making us sad

The rise of Costco and similar stores has prompted so much stockpiling — you never know when you’ll need 600 Dixie cups or a 50-pound bag of sugar — that three out of four garages are too full to hold cars.

Boxing In, Wanting Out – (via

Over the last couple of months I’ve been collaborating and working on a website with Michael Janzen from The idea for the site was simple: when you’re looking for tiny house resources (builders, workshops, houses for sale, etc.) or other tiny house enthusiast that share your interest, the most important factor in your search is likely location. This is where comes in. It’s a completely free website where you can list and search for tiny house resources which are organized on a map. This allows you to quickly find items of interest in your area.

You can also add yourself to the site! Up until now your neighbor just a few doors down from you may share your love of tiny houses and you would have never known. Now you can put yourself on the map and allow others to contact you in a secure way. The site includes a form that will allow others to contact you without anyone seeing your email address. If your not comfortable adding your address you can just enter your city and state or even better a public address close to you.

I hope you guys enjoy it and drop me a line ( if you have any problems or have a suggestion.

Tiny House Marketplace

I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t had that much time to update the Tiny House Directory. But that is going to change soon. One of the things I’ve been working on is adding a new category to the directory which is ‘Houses’. This category is actually big enough that I gave it it’s own URL: It’s a place where you can list and search for tiny houses for sale or rent. Since it’s just started there is only my one lonely house there. So if you know anyone who is looking to sell a tiny house, spread the word so that my house can have a friend or two :) Listing a house is free and it’s super easy. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Over the years that I have been involved in the tiny house movement I have collected many links to various tiny house resources. I felt that this list could be useful to others especially to someone just coming on to the scene and looking for some specific information (like a builder’s blog that is building a specific house or a specific set of plans). So I put together It’s still in its infancy as I have only added a subset of my bookmarks, so look for more data and features to come.